15 Oct 2019

Fast fashion, green screens and a doll named Kissy—‘On Notice’ at SITE/less gives agency to a choreographer’s collaborators

Oct 8, 2019 | By Lauren Warnecke “For “On Notice,” Kranicke built movement patterns based on a series of platforms designed by Sundry. Each runway extends into a half pipe on the edges of SITE/less’s oblong space, and is painted an iridescent green color. This creates a green screen for camera man Ted Hardin and new […]

25 Jan 2015

Write up of touristic intents and homeland

There is a nice write up ab out both exhibitions in The Observer, a student run print and online newspaper serving Saint Mary’s College and The University of Notre Dame. http://ndsmcobserver.com/2015/01/spring-art-gallery-opening/  

21 Jan 2015

touristic intents and homelands opens at Saint Mary’s College

The exhibitions at the Moreau Art Galleries will run from January 21 to March 6, 2015. The opening reception for the exhibitions is 5-7 p.m., Wednesday, January 21 in the Moreau Art Galleries. Artists Mat Rappaport and Melissa Potter will speak about their work starting at 6 p.m. in Moreau, room 232. Click for campus […]