lotic waters, 
video still 2021

A collaboration by Beate Geissler, Mat Rappaport, Oliver Sann

180 VR video, 3D audio, Oculus Quest, spherical fabric play area

This project invites participants to forge new relationships with waterways. Viewers are presented with an immersive video and audio experience representing the multifold impact humans have on the environment and push against water as a mere commodity. By placing viewers inside the current, they can see, hear, and feel our entangled and vital connection to this life force.

This work was produced along the Chicago River and Goose Island. Future iterations will feature other waterways and river systems nationally and globally.

Project Trailer, 2:00


Screenings + Presentations


July 24th- October 2nd  2021
Q.Arma Gallery
1224 Quincy Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

The exhibition at Q.arma Gallery has been conceived in parallel to Many Waters: A Minnesota Biennial at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.


Watershed Art + Ecology

October 2021
Dates tba
The Backward River Festival
1821 South Racine 
Chicago, IL 668