• IMG_2454_MC_composite
  • IMG_2453_LC_composite


runways explores transitional tourist spaces. The project extracts runway designs from the busiest fifty airports in the united states to create a series of glyphs which evoke typographic forms. Current outcomes include drawings, photographic compositions and objects that use a value map to create a topography from the glyph.


composition of found travelers’ images and runway diagram


  • Top_50_Composite
  • Top_50_Composite_lines
  • Top_50_Composite_intersections
  • Top_50_Composite_Alpha

each image organized the 50 busiest US airports using organizational strategies including frequency of intersections and complexity.

  • IMG_2388_ORD
  • IMG_2391_LAX
  • IMG_2396_DFW_1
  • IMG_2401_DFW
  • IMG_2403_ATL
  • IMG_2406_CLT
  • IMG_2408_BOS
  • IMG_2412_JFK
  • IMG_2421_LAS
  • IMG_2426_LGA
  • IMG_2428_MCO

runways, drawing series 19″ x 28″