treatment’s exhibition at Material Exhibitions Chicago

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treatments opens April 16 until May 16, 2023 and is organized by Michael Workman

2025 West Belmont Ave, storefront
Chicago, IL 60618

“Recreating the space of encounter with these artworks in a gallery exhibition, mounted on and integrated into assemblages, the walls shift and are contorted, simultaneously representing the distortionate emotional weight of the experience, while also signaling the impossibility of reliving it through the promise these artworks seem to hold out hope of delivering. In this way, Treatments draw back the curtain on the process of the more realistic depiction of the experience, becoming art; while the depicted artworks emphasize the return to nature, promising palliative moments of a brighter place, a happier time, they are now eclipsed by a reality they can no longer address.” – Michael Workman 

Material Exhibitions